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Ottawa, ON, Canada

Yubilly: Revolutionizing Receipt Management for a Paperless World Yubilly is at the forefront of a retail revolution, with a singular mission: to eliminate paper receipts and usher in an era of digital efficiency. Our app is the ultimate solution for collecting and securely managing digital receipts, making it an indispensable tool for consumers and businesses alike. For consumers, Yubilly offers a secure and organized digital inbox, simplifying receipt management like never before. As the retail world increasingly shifts to issuing digital receipts, our app becomes more essential every day, ensuring that every transaction is captured and stored safely, contributing to a greener planet. Small businesses find in Yubilly an invaluable assistant for expense tracking and bookkeeping. Our platform does more than just collect receipts; it streamlines the entire bookkeeping process, saving time and reducing errors, allowing business owners to focus on what they do best. For larger companies, Yubilly transforms expense management. Our fully automated system effortlessly integrates with your existing processes, providing employees a hassle-free way to manage expenses while offering the finance department a streamlined, compliant, and efficient workflow. As self-checkout options proliferate and the issuance of digital receipts becomes the norm, Yubilly steps in to address a critical need in the retail sector. We offer a quick, convenient solution to the often time-consuming process of issuing and receiving digital receipts, enhancing the customer experience while boosting operational efficiency for retailers. Join us on this journey with Yubilly as we pave the way for a more organized, efficient, and environmentally friendly future. Embrace the change as we transition to a world where every receipt is digital, every expense is easily managed, and every transaction contributes to a sustainable future.

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