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App8 creates digital dining solutions that empower restaurateurs to create the optimal contactless dining experience for their establishment. Our products include mobile ordering, menu viewing, and payment solutions for dine-in and takeout.
Borderless allows innovative businesses to enhance value quickly in the fast evolving world of work by providing the right tech workforce for their unique workplace, on demand.
Click Armor helps businesses reduce risks from phishing and social engineering threats, by using gamified simulations and challenges to engage employees and improve their attack resistance.
Clubify’s turnkey, patented solution puts the power in your hands - whether you’re a YouTube author, motivational speaker, subject matter expert, teacher, celebrity, or a creator of any kind. Create a branded, exclusive membership club where your biggest fans can enjoy your most exclusive content such as photos, videos, documents and access private events, messages and forums. Set subscription fees, or simply charge for pieces of content.
contextere is an industrial software company creating AI powered solutions focused on human & machine performance. Our mission is to transform the future of work using AI to deliver actionable intelligence for the last tactical mile. The contextere insight engine extracts, structures and fuses previously inaccessible MRO data and applies machine learning to provide immediate insights (for analytics teams) and curated decision support (for frontline workers). Using a combination of data extraction, machine learning and a natural language interfaces the contextere insight engine increases situational awareness, builds semantic understanding of dynamic data environments and reduces cognitive overload.
If you’re a large producer with your own lab, centralized testing means production bottlenecks and idle resources. For smaller producers who have to mail samples to a lab service, delays to market and lower quality products can be the result. Ekidna’s cannabis testing kit accurately provides the cannabinoid information you need to fine-tune your production methods anywhere in your process or on your facility. No matter the size of your operation, Ekidna can help you streamline testing, get products to market faster, and maximize operational efficiency.
At Flöka, we believe meaningful interventions start with rich data-sets that grow by asking intuitive questions. We know that the right questions are different for each user.
Due to cultural peculiarities, the online (ecommerce) grocery and retail value chain in low-trust countries like Nigeria would not necessarily take the same evolution pattern like the West. Hence the need for a culturally suitable alternative. Food share seeks to combine both the low-cost benefits of sharing together with the community involvement typical of our open markets.
Fortress Legal is a secure innovation hub that gives innovative companies a place to capture new ideas, develop and manage IP, organize important contracts and agreements, and communicate and securely share information with funders, investors, legal experts, and others in the innovation ecosystem. Information is automatically organized as a ‘data room’ but Fortress is so much more. Our built-in guidance empowers companies to do more, on their own, and to work more efficiently with their experts, saving them money. Insightful reports and visuals can be generated on-demand.
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At Gadget, we're building a development platform designed to rid developers of the endless repetition of boilerplate and busywork, allowing them to build better software, faster.
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GameStrat is a sports software company that provides coaches with the ability to have instant replay during the game on the sidelines, bench or up in the press box. Coaches are able to make real-time adjustments with GameStrat, improving their overall team performance. GameStrat also simplifies pre and post-game workflows by having a seamless setup and upload process to any film storage or exchange platform. GameStrat has quickly become the gold standard when it comes to sideline replay solutions for coaches, especially for football and hockey programs across North America. GameStrat prides itself on the quality of their products and customer service.