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We are building the platform that will superpower location-based storytelling for generations to come, and we need your help. We are on a mission to spark curiosity, foster community, and enrich everyday life for people around the world.

Anyfication is a notification, alerts and incident management platform for e-commerce stores.

App8 offers a digital guest experience suite for the food service industry. The Order Anywhere service is an omni-channel, digital ordering solution for food and beverage establishments that enables guests to view digital menus, order dine-in, pickup, or delivery, and pay for their meals, all from their own smartphones. App8’s extensive suite delivers value beyond contactless transactions with guest feedback, advanced reporting, and actionable insights.

At Flöka, our mission is to accelerate the speed and scale of sustainable, root-cause, healing

Casa Duro innovates and manufactures hurricane proof dwelling systems for the leisure industry and developers. The strength of the system and flexibility in cost and design, meet needs by reducing risk and increase flexibility to adapt. The result; strong and resilient manufactured dwellings that reduce vulnerability and climate change.

We combine software development, data science and artificial intelligence to create seamless and effective business solutions. We design and build intuitive user interfaces so that planning and tracking blend naturally with typical business activities.

Click Armor is a cyber security platform that provides education and gamification software. They provide services that include gamification, awareness, compliance, training, assessment, simulation, cybersecurity, health and safety, ethics, harassment, diversity, and inclusion. Their customers' inquiries are addressed through phone, email, and online applications. is to empower coaches and influencers to take control of their brand, data, and clients.

contextere is an industrial software company focused on human performance. Our intelligent personal agent delivers actionable insights to the last tactical mile. Anywhere warm hands touch cold steel contextere answers the simple question – Now What? Global 2000 companies capture value through increased productivity and safety while reducing equipment downtime.

At Design Centered Co. we use design to enable organizations deliver value by focusing on opportunities that align with their purpose, matter to people they serve, and define processes that are sustainable and impact focused. We are a design and transformation consulting firm and the creators of Impact Centered Design. Collaborating with our clients, we deliver value through strategic advisory, delivering products and services across design lifecycle.

Fast, accurate cannabis testing for growers and producers. Ekidna is the lab-on-a-chip that tests for key potency markers (THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa).

Else Labs is an Ottawa, Ontario-based technology company that is building the future of automation in the kitchen. We’re on a mission to develop innovative smart appliances that simplify the cooking experience and give people their time back. Else Labs is the company behind Oliver, the robot chef that replicates the stovetop cooking process, and unique app-based appliance. Oliver has its own recipe library, meal planner, and shopping assistant, all accessible through the app on your phone. At Else, we want to help give people more choice about the way they spend their time by developing advanced technologies.